Capacity Trucks - Tested Like No Other

04.10.14 • News

We put the strength and durability of the Capacity terminal truck to the test for 15 grueling days, simulating 3,000 hours and 2,500 miles, on mean streets of the Bosch Proving Grounds. The Capacity 4x2 DOT was run loaded and unloaded with a GCVW of 81,000 pounds and 36,000 hooks, simulating a 50/50 load split.

This test exposed the Capacity Truck to an accelerated lifecycle and the "real world" road surfaces found in our customers' operating environments. Designed to challenge the limits of a vehicle's structural integrity, the featured events at the proving grounds included inverted chatter bumps, impacted bumps, and cobblestones, as well as asphalt and resonance roads.

"It is our responsibility to see that Capacity terminal trucks exceed the expectations of our customers. The only way to ensure that is to subject our truck to a lifetime of use before a customer ever sees it, and that means bumps, potholes, railroad tracks, and every tough event ever recorded in real use," said Scott Lord, CEO, Capacity Trucks.

Engineered for superior durability and designed for maximum lifts/moves per hour, put Capacity Trucks' dependability and strength to the test in your operation. Call us today at 1-800-323-0135.

Click here to see the Capacity 4x2 DOT truck in action on the Bosch test track.