Total Cost of Operation

Slicing Into Your Total Cost of Operation

Capacity’s Total Cost of Operation formula delivers superior value through durability, reliability, serviceability, customization, ergonomics, safety and customer support, all engineered with one purpose: lowering your total cost of ownership. 

Engineered Reliability

Through numerous design accommodations, including dedicated wiring with mil-spec connectors, air and hydraulic quick-connects and rigorous lifecycle testing and validation of every component to ensure your uptime.

Serviceability Features

Numerous service checks performed at ground level, integrated cab lift, plug-and-diagnose multiplex wiring harness and quick-access master fuse box. Faster and more thorough driver checks and faster technician diagnosis mean more uptime.

Competitive Acquisition Cost

Efficiencies in design and manufacturing yield a more efficient and productive truck—and more value for your dollar.

Industry-Leading Customization/Specialization

With more customization choices and suspension and transmission choices, Sabre offers you the features you want, the way you want them, to provide the utmost in productivity in your application.


1-inch lower skid ramp, faster boom operation. More moves per hour will deliver more value.

C3 Support

Continuous Customer Commitment. Your assurance of the full commitment by Capacity and its dealers to resolve any issues and to help you maintain maximum uptime.


Lower step height, better driver visibility. Fewer potential injuries for driver and workers.

Residual Value

Historically high residual value of Capacity Trucks cuts disposal cost. You can have confidence in the Capacity name and the engineered quality and durability of Sabre.