The answer you need maybe closer than you think. To provide the most efficient response to your questions, Capacity Trucks has put together answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from Capacity Trucks’ customers.

1. What is Sabre’s GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating)

Sabre 5 (Off-Highway & DOT) – GCWR 81,000
Sabre Tandem – GCWR 125,000
Sabre 9 (Off-Highway & DOT) – GCWR 242,000

2. What is Sabre’s 5th Wheel lift capacity?

Capacity Trucks utilizes a SAF-Holland (FW35) with 70,000 lb. capacity on the Sabre 5, Sabre Tandem and Sabre 9.

3. How does the new frame on Sabre improve performance in the field?

Capacity’s SABREFRAME™ offers an industry first – 110,000 PSI military-grade steel frame rails yielding 13% greater RBM and even more durability than before.

4. What else is different about Sabre?

We’re focused on understanding the application and function of our parts and systems, and then designed and engineered them to push the limits of strength, durability and efficiency. We follow that up with rigorous testing like no other under real-world conditions. 

  • Increased operational efficiency. We’ve lowered the skid ramp and sped up the actuation of the boom to increase your number of moves per hour.
  • Improved the ergonomics of the cab. There’s for more legroom, better access to controls and better visibility for safety on the job. Plus, our exclusive SABRETUNED™ seat and cab suspension system has been optimized for driver comfort and productivity.
  • Accessible, efficient serviceability. Sabre now offers 27 service checks that can be performed at ground-level for improved uptime, quick-connect hydraulic and air lines with dedicated routing, automotive-style electrical routing with mil-spec connectors and a sealed Body Control Module with built-in onboard diagnostics.

5. What about specialty trucks or customization?

If you are interested alternative fuels, 4x4 axles or unique truck builds, please contact us. 

6. Are there guidelines for determining DOT from off-highway trucks usage?

Speed restriction is typically a main factor – If you are using an off-highway unit, your maximum speed is 25 MPH. For speeds in excess of 25 MPH, a DOT automotive certified engine is required. Sabre’s Spec Your Truck outlines the specifications for both or you contact an authorized Capacity Dealer for additional assistance. 

7. Why is it important that Capacity Trucks is ISO 9001 Certified?

To ensure a universal level of quality, along with the most effective, safe and efficient methods and products possible, the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) has defined and established accepted practices, technical requirements and terminologies for products, services and systems. Achieving this certification requires dedication, hard work and exacting manufacturing practices. Capacity Trucks first earned its ISO certification in 1999.

8. When was Capacity Trucks founded?

Our company was first established in 1971 under the name, Capacity Inc., and our first products were wheel loaders. In 1975, we became Capacity of Texas. In 1998, we moved to our present location in Longview, TX, and became Capacity Trucks in 2013. 

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